As school quickly approached it occurred to me that Jeanette might not want to carry her rocket ship lunchbox to middle school. Not wanting to scramble for a new one (and loving the machine-washable neoprene) I offered her my plain red one. Her old one still being perfectly serviceable and sturdy, I’ve been using it for my own lunches. I haven’t even been teased on the commuter train.

As I mentioned, middle school operates on a rotating six day schedule. After 180 days following this schedule, Jett may think she’ll never forget it, but she will, so here it is (click to enlarge).
Jett is on Team Linguistics. We’ll learn more about that at curriculum night.

The best thing that happened this week is that we signed Jett up for band and trumpet lessons. She’ll be using her dad’s trumpet. Band meets during the BCO (band, chorus, orchestra) block of the schedule and she’ll have lessons at the school during Extended Care. It’s great how well this fits into our family schedule. I’m so excited for her to have all of the great experiences Adam and I had. And because of everything said here.

Martin’s had a chance to use the interactive whiteboard in class, dragging numbers into the proper order. He has also met his teacher’s hermit crab, Rocky.